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Skinning for Dummies: Part 2
By Kiloz

Materials needed:
PhotoShop 6 or higher or a similar program

1. Okay, we'll be using most the tools we used from the first tutorial.
Now find the following tga in image extractor; this strange looking thing is called a blademaster one of the orcs heros who first appears in WC3 he's about 6 feet tall enjoys long walks on the beach, nice sit down dinners and cudling...his number is (626)-910-3564.
Okay once you've found the blademaster goto save and save as a tga in some folder.
2. Ok now in Photoshop go to file/open.
3. Once there look for the blademaster Tga that you saved.....

Then click open
Ok what we will be doing today is give eh blademaster some really nice armor and reskin his arm :)
use the zoom to to zoom into the chest part until it looks somthing like this:
Use the polygonal lasso to select teh chest area so it looks like this:
Now we're gonna select a base color |BLACK|
ok know use the paint bucket tool fill the chest with blackness....
Now we're gonna outline the armor with white lining so select a base white color maybe lightgray
Select the paint brush tool and start out lining it like this follow my step carefully....

Now this is just the out line of the armor it will look better as we go further and further.

Now select the dodge tool and set it to these settings:
Now we're gonna shade the black area follow my steps...

Make a base coat on the chest area.
Then go about 3/4 the way you shaded and make a second coat like this
Now go about 1/2 the way and do it again.
Now do this the rest of the body till it looks somthing like this.

Select the dodge tool and change the settings to these:

Now we're gonna lighten the out lines of the armor like this.

Now select the burn tool and change it to these settings:

Darken some parts around the outlines armor untill it looks like this.
11. Now select the smudge tool and set it to these settings:
Mix the grey together for a while so it looks somthing like this.
Select the dodge tool witht eh same setting and redodge some area of the outline until looks like this. Now thats basically it for the chest, you can add designs in some places to make it look more umm yeah anyways lets move on to the arm

With the lasso select the piece of the arm that looks like this.
Fill it with the color black
With the outline armor color (light grey) outline it.
  Now select the dodge tool with these settings:
Shade it like the armor before until it looks like this.
  Now set the setting to this:
  Shape the outline
Do the same witht the burn tool tell it looks like this
Now use the smudge tool like before and make it like the rest of the armor.

Ok now where gonna add kind of a long sleve shirt for his arm.

Select a light brown as the base color.
Now set the dodge tool to these settings:
The burn tool to these settings:
Play with it for a while using the dodge and burn tool be creative when I was finished it looked like this.
Use the smudge tool to blend

Now we're gonna add stiches so set the burn too to these settings:

Now make random lines though it like so.
Now select the color greyish white make like in the black likes this.
Use the burn to to shade little pieces of the white.
Be very careful with the smudge tool and blend just a little.
And know we're done, look at what you just did, check him out in the game and be proud.The croud loves you.
The End.....

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