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Having Multiple Skins of One Model
By MasterSlowPoke

Let's say you want Arthas and his twin brother, Erthas, to go on a valiant quest of daring. You don't want them to have the same skin. This tutorial will help you accomplish this.

Tools Needed:
  1. Warcraft III Image Extractor 2
  2. An MPQ Extractor/Importer
  3. YobGul's Warcraft III File Converter
  4. A WorldEdit Enhancer
Ethas's Chain Mail Jumpsuit

First off, you have to make a skin of your unit. Apparently, Erthas likes chain mail. Save the skin as a Truevision Targa (.tga) and load it into Warcraft III Image Extractor 2. Save it as a .blp, but change the name (I called mine "arthaschainmail.blp")


Next, you have to extract the model of your unit, and the portrait of your unit. They're usually next to each other, in the folder units\race\unitname\.

texturesOpen up YobGul's and convert the two into MDLs. Open the MDLs in notepad/wordpad. Find the line that says "Textures", like my picture. Find the skin of the unit, and change it to the skin you just made with the Image Extractor. Make sure you change both the unit and the portrait, then save, and reconvert them back into MDXs. Change their names to something else. I changed the names to ArthasChainMail.mdx and ArthasChainMail_portrait.mdx

Put the files in their appropriate folders in your base Warcraft III directory. For example, if your skin's path is textures\arthaschainmail.blp, make a Textures folder in your base Warcraft III directory and put arthaschainmail.blp in that folder. If you models' paths are units\human\arthas\arthaschainmail.mdx and units\human\arthas\arthaschainmail_portrait.mdx, make a units folder in your base Warcraft III directory, make a human folder in that folder, an arthas folder in that folder, and put the files in that folder.


Open up WorldEdit, and make a new unit. Change the model path to the Md. you just made. Don't put the .mdx. on the end though, it doesn't understand that. I changed mine to units\human\arthas\ArthasChainMail

Place the new unit on your map. Place the original model, too. Delete the triggers, and set the map title. Save and quit.

Open up an MPQ Importer. Open up your map, and import the files to their correct paths. I imported my texture to textures\arthaschainmail.blp and imported my models to units\human\arthas\arthaschainmail.mdx and units\human\arthas\arthaschainmail_portrait.mdx. Close out of your importer.

Open up Warcraft III, load your map, and your skin should be hanging out with Blizzard's original skin.

Nice Chainmail Erthas!

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