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How to make Global Sequences in 3d Studio Max 5
By Xaran Alamas

This mini-tutorial will tell you how to make Global Sequences in 3d studio Max.

Quick Q&A

Q. What are Global Sequences?

A: Global Sequence is an animation sequence which plays over and

over regardless of the current standard Animation Sequence.

Q. What's the advantage of Global Sequences?

A: The easiest way to explain is an example. Remember the Arcane

Sanctum in WC3? Remember how it has those orbiting spheres? Global

Sequences are used in this case so that the spheres always orbit

instead of resetting position whenever a different animation is

played, which is what it would do if you animated the orbit in

each sequence.
What do I need?

3d Studio Max 5 - Download a trial version from

Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne - If you don't have this there isn't

much point in learning this.
Making the Global Sequence

  1. Make and rig your model as normal.
  2. Decide what you want to animate globally
  3. Animate the bone objects like you would normally, assigning controllers etc though you don't have to worry about note track keys for Global Sequences.
  4. Once you're done animating go to the Track View Editor and select each of the bone objects you've animated.
  5. Select the Position, Rotation and Scale sections under transform for the bone.
  6. On the Track View editor menu select Controller -> Out-of-Range types.
  7. In the Dialogue box which appears click on the Graph-like icon labelled Cycle.
  8. Click OK
  9. And you should be done, now preview it in WC3 Preview and it should animate throughout all the sequences.

Hope this helps, it certainly helped me. :)


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