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Editing Alpha Channels
- By Draco and KDEWolf

Select which fits you best.
I have Paint Shop Pro - Paint Shop Pro Alpha Channels
I have Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Photoshop Alpha Channels

Paint Shop Pro - By Draco

  1. Open Paint Shop Pro 7.
  2. Open your skin.
  3. Go to the 'Masks' tab at the top and go to 'Load from Alpha Channel' .
  4. Select the "Alpha Channel 1" .
  5. Now go to 'Masks' again and click the 'Edit' button.
  6. Now on the right side you will see a grey-scale color selector. Select 100% black and the paint the skin in the area that you want to disappear.
  7. After you "Alphaed" all you want, go to the 'Masks' tab and 'Save to Alpha Channel'.
  8. NOW SELECT ALPHA CHANNEL 1 to save over it. Don't have more than one alpha channel!!!!!
  9. Ok, now save the skin and quit. There ya go!!!

Photoshop - By KDEWolf

(NOTE: Photoshop 7.00 turns alpha channels into transparent, what sucks, so be sure to get 7.01 patch ASAP! If for some reason you can't upgrade, there is a plugin that fixes this. Found Here - Thanks to Larkas for the Plugin!)
  1. Open the skin file
  2. Click 'Channels' int the layers panel
  3. Select 'Alpha 1'
  4. then just edit (notice you'll edit grescale, where black is transparency and white opaque, allowing variations)

TIP: The 'eyes' at the left of the channels and layer names show and hide the layer/channel.

That's all, folks. >

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