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Graphics Programs

Here is a list of free programs for creating or editing graphics.

3d modelling
Digital paintering
Image editing
Image viewing


3d Modelling:

Blender. A open source 3d modelling program. I've heard some good things about it, but I haven't used it before. Available on windows, linux and mac.

Gmax. A free version of 3d studio max, with less features. Developed for modding.
-gmax renderer. A third party plugin that allows you to render with gmax.

Milkshake 3d

Digital Painting:

Artrage. A nice virtual painting program, less powerful than corel painter, but I find easier to use, with some things it does better than painter(dirty brush mode in painter doesn't compare to not cleaning the brush in artrage). I use it on occation.

Dogwaffle v1.2. Another virtual painting program, doesn't simulate paint as well as artrage, but it does okay and has options artrage doesn't.

Pixia. Another virtual painting program, apparently it's good, but the website is pretty bad. I haven't tryed it.

Image Editing:

GIMP. An open source image editing program akin to photoshop that is quite powerful. Available for mac, windows(most recent version wont run on 98, but version 1.2 does), and linux. I use this program all the time. An image editing program supposedly a good middle ground between MS paint and photoshop.

Image Veiwing:

Irfanview. A simple image veiwer much better than windows' image veiwer as it can do some converting and minor image adjustments.

Xn View. An image viewer with a nicer looking interface and a few more features than Irfanview.

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