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Welcome to the Star Alliance Graphics Artists

Portraits and fixes- 5/09/06

The infested medic portrait thats been missing for ever is now back thanks to Cynon. I've also fixed some bad links in the starcraft portrait sections so they should all be fine now.

Cynon has also submitted four new starcraft portraits, two custom terrans, a Mengsk edit and a zelot edit.

The old wcwarehouse content is still available here.



More from Cynon - 3/28/06

Cynon has submitted five new portraits; two modified protoss, two modified terran and one custom terran. Enjoy.



Yet another portrait - 3/6/06

Another custom terran protoss portrait by cynon is up.

wcwarehouse is still here, until I have time to finish transferring the skins.



More Portraits - 2/4/06

Cynon's made us some more starcraft portraits, there's a couple for each race check'em out.



New Portraits and WCwarehouse - 12/04/05

Cynon has submitted five new starcraft portraits; one modified protoss, two modified terrans and two custom terran fire emblem edits.

Since I haven't gotten anymore skins transferred from WCWarehouse yet and we are on a new server so the wcwarehouse subdomain is dead, I've put it up here until I have time to finish getting the skins.



Sorry - 11/09/05

I uploaded the two pages of skins I have done, but I forgot to update the links for them, they're linked now. The two pages are building skins and night elf skins.

Some better news is that we've got several new portraits up for you by Cynon and Daelin.

Cynon has submitted a grey scale with red eye portrait of the hunter killer, zergling and infested terran, along with a new terran portrait taken from fire emblem 6.

From Daelin we have a blue version and a white version of the battlecruiser's portrait, the guy from the intro scene as a terran portrait, a cerebrate with a black background and one with a yellow background, a modified defiler, a modfied version of the custom marine by Joel, a dragoon portrait using the corsair pilot, a green and a red dark templar, a darker zelot and a modified version of Jason's custom zelot.



I'm Alive! - 10/29/05

Sorry about the skins taking so long, but I've been busy and moving the skins take up a significant amount of time. I do however have some updates for you:

Some of the warcraft warehouse skins are up.

New starcraft portrait, undead alderis by cynon.

We have a Dawn of War Comic hosted here now, Frontlines, check it out.



Warcraft Warehouse Models- 9/8/05

All of the Warcraft Warhouse models have been transferred over, which means all of the content has been moved exept for the skins which are then next on the list to move.



Warcraft Warehouse - 8/19/05

Since WC warehouse's creator has left and no one has taken over for him, all the content will be transferred to this site; which will give us a good ammount of Warcraft 3 content that this site was needing.

I've already transferred over all the tutorials and icons, along with a few models. I'll continually be updating with more content as I get the pages reformatted to fit this site, so stay tuned.




New Content - 8/7/05

I've just updated the texture archive with three new categories; cloth, eyes, and planets. There are four pages of colth textures, about 20 eyes and one high res planet with specular and bump maps to go with it. More textures should be added in the near future.

We've also got a new rpq maker system set based off warcraft 2, a new custom protoss portrait by myself and a few new images are up in the image gallery.




Welcome to SAGA

Have a look arround see if theres anything you like.

What is SAGA?
SAGA is the Star Alliance Graphic Artist Site. Hosting all of the Star Alliance's graphic content. In the past the Star Alliance hasen't really had a graphics section as many other site have, instead we had a few separate sites for hosting various graphics related content, All of these old subsites have been brought together with plenty of new content that we hope you'll enjoy.

And don't be shy, if you have something we could use send it to us and we'll add it to the site. We could especially use some more WarCraft III Content.


  Star Alliance




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